Thanksgiving is just days away. And, there is nothing that could get your kids
excited about the Thanksgiving Holiday than to get them doing some fun Thanksgiving
crafts. And, these ones are not only fun, but easy. The kids will use the shape
of their hands to make all kinds of Thanksgiving Handprint Crafts.

I have hunted all over the internet to put together some super duper fun Thanksgiving
Handprint Crafts for you. No need to hunt all over the internet yourself….
below you will find plenty of Thanksgiving Crafts to keep you and your kids
busy for a long time.

Thanksgiving Handprint Crafts

  Handprint Turkey
Handprint Turkey
Here’s a quick and easy Fall or Thanksgiving preschool craft. All
you need is a little glue, some scissors, colored paper and your preschooler’s
hand. What your finished project turns out to be is a handprint
that is super cute!!

Feather Turkey Handprint Craft
Feather Thanksgiving Turkey handpring Craft
Using some brown cardboard, orange paper and feathers you and your children
can make this adorable turkey. How sweet is this Thanksgiving Project?! So Sweet!!
Your kids will have a blast making this Feather
Turkey Handprint Craft
with you.


Autumn Handprint Tree Craft
Autumn Tree Thanksgiving Handprint Craft
Hand print and finger print crafts always make wonderful keepsakes. Here’s
a fun way to celebrate the coming of Autumn while preserving your child’s
size and age at the same time. Take a look at this beautiful Autumn
Handprint Tree Craft
… Its not only adorable, but it is truly a keepsake.


Framed Handprint Turkey
Framed Turkey Thanksgiving Handprint Craft

Kids will literally need to lend a helping hand for this framed
handprint turkey project
! A twist on the classic handprint turkey, this
craft makes a wonderful keepsake that you and your child will cherish for years
to come.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia with Hand Print Leaves
Cornucopia Craft
makes a lovely centerpiece and the whole family can contribute
to the finished product. Notice the construction paper hands? Nothing like having
a centerpiece to look at during your Thanksgiving Feast that you can literally
see that your children helped put together. It will be quite the conversation
piece. (you will have to scroll down to the 3rd craft on the page)


Hand-y Thanksgiving Wreath
Hand-y Thanksgiving Wreath
This Hand-y
Thanksgiving Wreath Craft
is just perfect for the hands of your little ones.
With a little hand tracing, construction paper and crafting, your child will
have something to display in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

  Handprint Turkey Art
Turkey Art
is a unique way to not only make some Thanksgiving artwork,
but to show off how much your children have grown from one Thanksgiving
to the next. Why not make it a tradition to make Turkey artwork every year
and watch how your children hands and the turkeys grow.



This Thanksgiving
Handprint Tree
is a beautiful crafty item. Using a cork board or poster
board, paint, handprints, tacks and some other items you can make a creative
item that can last a lifetime. Why not add have the entire family write what
they are thankful for on their own handprint. Great thing to do together as
a family.



Handprint Turkey Cookies Recipe

These cookies look so YUMMY!! Now, I know the children will need a
lot of help with these Handprint
Thanksgiving Cookies
, but how much fun would it be for all of you?! So much
fun!! Why not get all of your hands dirty and you make some using your handprints


Thanksgiving handrpint turkey Artwork
Now, I must admit that
out of all the Handprint
Turkey Craft
s this one looks more like a real Thanksgiving Turkey than all
the rest. I’m sure it has to do with the colors and they type of paint they
used. Very clever!!


Handprint Tree
is a unique handprint
and I love it!! I have 5 kids so I love when my children do this craft.
With all the different sizes of hands and different color construction paper
this Handprint Craft makes the perfect Autumn / Thanksgiving Handprint Tree.


Handprint Keepsake Thanksgiving Plate Craft
love this craft and I must say that this is a "Must Do" craft for
me and my family this Thanksgiving!! I have no doubt that these Handprint
Keepsake Thanksgiving Plate Crafts
will be something to treasure for years
and years to come. As a matter of fact, why not make these keepsake plates and
give them to a grandparent as a gift….. no doubt they will love it!!


Toilet Paper Roll Turkey
what to do with those old empty toilet paper rolls? Why not make these adorable
Paper Roll Turkey
s. They are super cute and the kids will get a kick out
of using the toilet paper rolls. If they are anything like my kids the minute
you tell them you are going to use toilet paper rolls they will giggle and giggle.


Family Thanksgiving Flyer
you are looking for a unique way to invite your guests to your Thanksgiving
Feast why not involve your children and make these unique Thanksgiving
Dinner Announcements
. Using your children’s hand’s and some cardstock you
can make some wonderfully beautiful Thanksgiving Invites.


Handprint Wreath Of Thankfulness
love this Handprint
Wreath of Thankfulness
. We all have something to be thankful for. Why not
have everyone in your family write what they are thankful for and add it to
this Wreath of Thankfulness craft. Not only will the outcome be gorgeous, but
it will be a family project…. gotta love that!!

Top image by terren
in Virginia

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