YAY!! It’s November which means later this month is Thanksgiving. What better
way to celebrate the upcoming Turkey Day than to do some fun Preschool Thanksgiving

Below you will find 10 awesome Preschool Crafts perfect for the Thanksgiving
Holidays. Enjoy some fun Thanksviving crafts and teach your little Preschoolers
all about the Pilgrims, Indians and of course….. Turkeys!!


Preschool Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Learn how to make a perfect turkey with your little Preschooler by using
    paint samples from your local hardware store. Super easy crafts, but so much



  1. This is an amazing Thanksgiving Craft for you and your children to make.
    You will be making a Thanksgiving Turkey Lapbook where your child will list
    the things he or she is thankful for on the cover. This particular Thanksgiving
    Preschool Craft is Christian based. It is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that
    this particular Lapbook Thanksgiving craft will take a lot of help from you,
    but it is so worth it.

  1. Help your Preschool age child make this Thanksgiving Turkey Craft by tracing
    his left and right hands. This is a truly colorful Turkey Craft perefect for
    the November holiday!!

Crafts: Construction Paper Turkey
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  1. There is not a Preschool Child anywhere that wouldn’t just LOVE this Indian
    Headband Thanksgiving Craft. Using Construction Paper, Feathers & Tape
    help your Preschooler make this awesome Thanksgiving Indian Headband Craft.


  1. Make a Pumpkin Paperbag Craft…. an excellent Preschool craft for Thanksgiving.
    Fun, Easy and Beautiful. Help you child make this festive Thanksgiving craft….
    not only is it fun but the craft is cute enough to use at the Thanksgiving



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