just might be the most fun month there is as far as fall preschool themes go
It’s early enough in the year that there are still plenty of outdoor activities
that can be done with preschoolers. It’s also early enough in the year
that you’re not suffering the stress of the upcoming winter holidays so
you can relax some and really enjoy creative lessons with your kid(s). But it’s
a busy month with a lot of fun kid-oriented activities (mostly centering on
Halloween) so there are plenty of different things that you can incorporate
into the day to keep things fun and interesting.

is the big October theme
that you’ll probably spend a lot of
lessons focusing on. There are many fun things that you can do with this theme.
Art projects galore spring from Halloween. Witches’ hats and pirate swords
can be made from construction paper. Counting and coloring activities can be
done with pumpkins and goblins. Halloween songs are almost countless in number.
But there are also plenty of lesser-known things that you can teach kids using
this theme. For example, even though your kids are going to be eating lots of
candy during this time, you can teach them about the importance
of nutrition
. This is where moderation comes in and kids can learn
that it’s okay to indulge sometimes but not to go overboard. Similarly,
haunted houses and scary Halloween themes can be used to teach kids about good
fear vs. bad fear
. Think outside of the costume box when you’re
coming up with Halloween theme activities this October.

great October theme that’s related to Halloween is the celebration
of other cultures.
Certain other cultures celebrate Halloween in
different ways from how we do in America. For example, Day of the Dead (or
Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated in Latin American cultures. Teaching kids
about the different ways of celebrating the same holiday is great for giving
them the basics of diversity and cultural awareness. Another great October
theme for teaching that same lesson is Columbus Day. Halloween
may be the big October holiday but this other October holiday is a good
one for lessons that relate to history geography and those issues of diversity
and cultural sensitivity. You can easily use these holidays to teach kids
about the Latin American culture as well as the Native American culture.

October may be a
great month for holiday themes but that’s not all that’s going on
in October. In most places, the weather is changing dramatically with leaves
turning colors and falling off of the trees. This makes October
a terrific month for lessons about the weather, nature and seasons.
This is good for science lessons and can be incorporated into art activities
as well. If it’s warm enough to get outside with the kids, you can have
them do observations about the changing weather. Fall animal themes
are also great in October
. For example, squirrels may still be seen
out and about which is great for lessons about how animals store food and how
some hibernate in the winter. This even lends itself well to lessons about how
our own bodies change in the winter.

As you can see,
October is a fun month that allows for many different preschool themes. Like
all other months, these themes are great for art, reading, writing and singing
activities. However, they are also great for teaching social studies and science
lessons. See what October lessons you can find out there and
then expand on them with your own creativity to make October a fun and
educational month for the kids

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4 Responses to Preschool October Themes – As Fall Continues

  1. Kelby says:

    Wonderful tips! I also think the fall harvest is a great thing to emphasize this time of year… it’s a great way to shift the focus off of candy and onto nutrition. And foods like apples and pumpkins are so healthy!

  2. TheNanny612 says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kelby. I couldn’t agree with you more. Yes, fall harvest is wonderful. Most of October my kids are so focused on Halloween getting here that they miss the rest of the natural beauty going on in front of them. But, I remind them with some jumping in leaves, taking hikes and going to a pumpkin patch.

    Thanks again for stopping by and come back anytime, Kelby. :-)

  3. mmi says:

    that’s great idea

  4. As you can see, October is a fun month that allows for many different preschool themes

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