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To my Preschool
Education viewers please bear with me as I post about something that couldn’t
be further from Preschool Education. I have been included in a Meme having to
do with Search Engine Optimization which is a passion of mine. I promise, my
wonderful Preschool Education viewers, my next post will be totally for you.

Donna at SEO-Scoop
had started a meme about Feed-worthy
SEO Blogs
that she wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t
for Sphinn. Sphinn
is a Social Networking site dedicated to SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Technology.
It is quite new…. it came online this summer and it should be coming out
of Beta shortly.

Thanks to Tadeusz
at SEO2.0
for including me on his list of Sphinn
. I was included with others who I admire and it was quite
an honor to be mentioned.

Wow, I had no idea
how difficult this task would be. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to be on
Tad’s List. It is such an honor to be on the list with so many talented
and well deserving Sphinners. The task is difficult for me because I admire
the entire Community at Sphinn. My reader is chuck-full of
SEO feed-worthy Blogs because of Sphinn, so to narrow it down to three is extremely

So, to be able to
narrow my SEO feed-worthy Blogs down to 3 I am adding another criteria to my
meme…. These are the SEO feed-worthy Blogs run by amazing Bloggers that
took a few minutes out of their crazy, busy lives to affect me in one way or
another. There were more than three, but these are the first three that come
to mind:

  • Tanner
    was the first feed that I subscribed to that I discovered
    on Sphinn. I read Tanner’s Blog daily… He is extremely talented
    and I love the way he writes. One of Tanner’s posts was the first of
    my Sphinn posts that went hot. Tanner emailed me right away to thank me for
    it. I was so impressed by this gesture. It reminded me that even though our
    type of business is mostly virtual that manners still apply. I was even included
    on Internet Hunger’s Mover’s
    and Shaker’s of Search Engine Optimization

  • Patrick
    – Patrick is brilliant and extremely funny. I discovered
    his Blog, SEOish,
    through Sphinn and was truly, truly impressed. His Hitchhikers
    Guide to Linkless SEO
    post, that I was honored to Sphinn, is
    my highest rating on sphinn ever. But what touched my heart about Patrick
    was our discussion about the many young children who yearn for more education
    in their life, but struggle to get it. Patrick moved me so much that I donated
    more than 20 of my ABC Home Preschool products to young children in need throughout

  • Todd
    – Todd Blogs for SEMpdx.
    I discovered Todd pretty quickly at Sphinn. He has tons of knowledge in Domaining
    which I was always fascinated in. He was more than helpful with many questions
    I had about what direction I could go with the Domains I owned…. Should
    I make a website or Park them? He was quick to offer me suggestions and I
    truly appreciated that. Plus, a few days ago Todd asked me if I was willing
    to be Interviewed for a Post he’s doing. (Since I didn’t ask Todd
    if it was Okay to mention it I can’t say anything more at this point).
    I was thrilled to be asked and I have agreed to the Interview.

There are so many
other Sphinn Discoveries that I want to mention, but I’m limited to three.
So, unfortunately, I can’t mention the many others on my mind… such
as, Lyndon,
, DoshDosh,
………………. And of course Danny
. For, if it wasn’t for Danny there would be no Sphinn
at all. Thanks, Danny.

Now for the three
Sphinners I mentioned it is now your opportunity to do the same. Share your
Sphinn Love. Who are your SEO feed-worthy Blogs that you discovered through

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2 Responses to My Sphinn Discoveries – Shana Shares some Sphinn Love

  1. Todd Mintz says:

    Thank you for the kind words.

  2. Tad Chef says:

    You’re welcome! But it wasn’t really me that included you, you’re just so active and coming up with such interesting topics that I had to include you! So in a way you made it yourself into this list!

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