you homeschooling your preschooler? Or perhaps your child simply isn’t
challenged enough in her preschool class and you’d like to make your own
lesson plans to supplement what’s being learned at school? Whatever the
case, making your own preschool lesson plans can be a great
way to give your child an education that incorporates all of the things that
it’s important to you that she learns. It can sound a little intimidating
at first. After all, you aren’t a teacher so how would you know how to
make your own preschool lesson plans, right? But making your own lesson
plans really isn’t that difficult at all

first thing that you need to do is sit down and brainstorm as to what you
want to make sure that your child learns from these lesson plans. Most parents
want their children to have well-rounded lesson plans in all of the basic
school subjects such as math, reading, writing, social studies and science.
Some parents also want to make their own preschool lesson plans that incorporate
life skill such as sewing and cooking. Still other parents want to make
sure that their lesson plans include some sort of religious or spiritual
education. Don’t forget that physical education should be on the list
as well.. Brainstorm a complete list of what you want to cover
so that you can make your own complete preschool lesson plans.

Next, you should
brainstorm a second list about all of the things that your child is
interested in
or engaged by. Does she have a favorite color? Does she
love animals? Are pop-up books her favorite way to pass the time? Make an extensive
list of all the things that she loves so that you can incorporate these into
the lesson plans. This will help your child be more actively interested in her
own lessons which will make your lesson plans more successful. Don’t forget
to think about the activities that she enjoys as well. If your child loves to
sing, you will want to incorporate songs and singing games into your preschool
lessons. Having all of this information in front of you on paper will make it
easier to make your lesson plans.

Once you know what
you want to teach and what types of activities and topics will be of the most
interest to your child, you need to learn how to make some basic lesson
. The best way to do this is to get samples of plans that are
already out there. You can go online to websites for homeschooling and for preschool
teachers and find lessons there or you can go to a bookstore or teaching supply
store and pick up a book or two of lessons. Use these as the basis for making
your own lesson plans. Change them to incorporate the lessons that you want
to be sure to teach your child and the things which interest her most. For ongoing
creative ideas, consider signing up to receive a daily lesson plan idea from
the New
York Times Learning Network
. These lesson plans should be the starting
point from which you use your own creative ideas to make your lesson plans.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Sorry to hear about your illness, as I told you MANY, MANY times before, I am here for you. Keep your head up…You are in my thougths and prayers..Friends forever….

  2. lol money says:

    Very informative! Great post!

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