are a terrific part of a good home preschool program.
Lapbooks combine
all of the work done in a single subject area to really pull it together for
your child. They can be reviewed at later dates to make sure that learning is
cumulatively building itself. But more than this, they give your preschooler
(and older kids as well) something to look at where they can see their progress.
This can be a great source of pride which allows children to be more successful
in their learning over the long run. And they’re fun for you to put together
with your child; they basically take the joy of scrapbooking and apply it to

are something that you can make yourself with your child. They use a file
folder system which makes organization easy but you can add your own touches
to this system to make the lapbooks more personalized. As you’re
putting the lapbooks together with your child, you’ll be reviewing
the subject matter that she’s already learned which helps to reinforce
that learning.
And every time that your child takes out the lapbooks
to show them off, she’ll be re-learning that material again.

And she will definitely
want to show off her lapbooks. Children of all ages, and especially preschool
children, love to be proud of themselves. They like showing off their independence
and their knowledge to others who are supportive of their developmental growth.
So whenever favorite aunts and uncles, family friends and grandparents come
to visit, you can pull out the lapbooks so your child can show off
all that she knows.
She’ll be proud of herself which will encourage
her to continue on with her studies, learning more so that she’ll have
more to share. And as you watch her sharing all that she’s learned, you’ll
be proud of her … and maybe even a little bit proud of yourself for all
of the education that you’ve already given to her.

Besides being a
terrific tool for compiling your child’s work and encouraging her to continue
it, the lapbooks are a great activity that you can share with your
They’re a part of the learning process that is truly just
fun to do. You and your child can work together in scrapbook style to get everything
put together. And when your child looks back on what her home school education
was like, she’ll probably remember these times as fun. Add to them by
creating a ritual like listening to music, making and eating pop corn together
or going shopping for stickers to add to the lapbooks. These little touches
will make creating the lapbooks a shared experience that you’ll both
look forward to … and then look back on fondly!

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