I was reading a
today on Bongo
Mirror’s Reflections
and Bongo Mirror was discussing the
fact that a couple years ago she was reading a book that stated that Preschoolers
would defend the fact that 1 (one) is the smallest number. I found that hard
to believe… after all I was sure that my Preschooler, who would be starting
Kindergarten in the fall, knew that Zero (0) was the smallest number. So, I
asked my daughter, “Hannah, I have a question for you… What is the
smallest number?” To my surprise she answered, “One.” I was
truly surprised. After all, I have discussed the number zero with Hannah many
times since she was two while teaching her Preschool
at Home
. So, I said to Hannah, “One? What about Zero?”
She then said, “Oh yeah!!” She got it. But, I was very surprised
that Zero wasn’t her first answer. She didn’t defend that one is
the smallest number, however it wasn’t her first choice.

I’m left to wonder if the book that Bongo Mirror was referring to
is correct. Is it true that Preschoolers will usually defend that one
is the smallest number? I thought I would take a poll with my viewers:

your Preschooler what number is the smallest number…. what was
your child’s answer? Let me know by commenting to this post.


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